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I have so much news to share and it’s all related to the public health topic I care most about: Obesity and Diabetes.

First thing’s first, if you haven’t already heard, Paula Deen confirmed this morning on the “Today” show that she was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II three years ago. She also took this opportunity to announce her new partnership with Novo Nordisk, a pharmaceutical company that manufactures diabetes drugs. I’m hesitant to judge her decision to keep her diagnosis a secret as I know this is a disease so many of us have a hard time dealing with, but she must have known that her unhealthy eating habits and recipes contributed to her diagnosis and were influencing the people that followed them.

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Secondly, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) just released their 2011 list of the Top 5 Unhealthiest Cookbooks. It’s no surprise that Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible made it to #3. What IS surprising though, is the #1 Worst Cookbook of 2011:  Jamie Oliver’s Meals in Minutes: A Revolutionary Approach to Cooking Good Food Fast. I was SO disappointed when I saw his name on this list because Jamie Oliver has very publicly devoted his time to addressing childhood obesity and changing the food eaten in schools cafeterias. I have to admit that this damages his credibility, wouldn’t you agree?

Complete list from PCRM:

  1. Jamie Oliver’s Meals in Minutes
  2. Guy Fieri Food
  3. Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible
  4. The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook
  5. The Neelys’ Celebration Cookbook

More from PCRM:

And lastly, I’m really excited about this news nugget: HBO will be premiering a documentary series addressing the obesity epidemic in the US: The Weight of the Nation.

From The Examiner:

       THE WEIGHT OF THE NATION (May), is a look at the contemporary obesity epidemic, developed in partnership with the country’s leading research institutions.  Three years in the making, the multi-part, multi-platform series sheds new light on the facts and myths of this urgent public health problem, showing how obesity affects the health of the nation and cripples the health-care system.  Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and arthritis are just some of the diseases directly linked to obesity, and these disorders will dramatically increase if the status quo continues.

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One thought on “[In the news] Public Health

  1. Not all cookbooks are good and not all books are bad.It takes time for people to understand which is good and bad but in case of food if the recipes are wrong, it will have adverse effect on the reader and the user.

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